Clergy Appreciation 10.22.17


From Our Pastor, Dr. Michael A. Sanders &
First Lady AJ Sanders


We are a growing church, filled with the Holy Spirit. We all are accepted for who we are, forgiven of what we’ve done, and loved because of Christ! 

As a member of His family, God has a purpose for you to fulfill; we seek to help you find it and to fulfill it! We are family. Everybody is somebody and we pray for each other, encourage each other and love each other. God’s vision for us is to be a “Christian community within the community that transforms the community.” 

We invite you, your family, and your friends to come grow and worship with us at our 11 am worship service. Come join our Church family and use the spiritual gifts God has blessed you with, to help us transform this community for the glory of God! We look forward to seeing you and worshiping God with you!

Remember, God Created You, Jesus Saved You, The Holy Spirit Guides You, and, We Love You!

God’s Faithful Servants,
Rev. Dr. Michael A. Sanders, Pastor & Lady AJ Sanders

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Pastor’s Corner

Week of October 15-22:

  • Scripture of the Week: 

    "The person who covers over an offense promotes love, but whoever repeats the matter separates friends.” Proverbs 17:9
    Word of Encouragement:
    The Bible clearly tells us that gossip is wrong. Words of Wisdom: when talking about other people, use this guideline: don’t say something behind someone’s back that you wouldn’t say to that person directly.

  • Weekly Prayer:
    Dear Lord, it’s tempting to gossip, but it is wrong. Today and every day, help me speak words that are pleasing to You, and help me treat other people in the same way that I want to be treated by them. Amen

  • Through the Bible in One Year: Read with prayer, pen & pad in hand (with a study & prayer partner):

  • Week of October: 

  • 15-October: Matthew 23:1-25:13                                               

  • 16-October: Matthew 25:14-26:68                                            

  • 17-October: Matthew 26:69-28:20 

  • 18-October: Mark 1-3 

  • 19-October: Mark 4-5 

  • 20-October: Mark 6-7 

  • 21-October: Mark 8:1-10:12 

  • 22-October: Mark 10:13-12:12